New glarus R&D Wild Extra Sour Very Peach wild, dried apricots, peach cobbler cut with Haribo peach rings.

Across the board this doesn't come within a country mile of that VSB swagger, with the caveat that this is a totally different experience.

If vsb is a pulp fiction masterpiece, consider this to be a…Jackie Brown endeavor. The nose is straight peaches cobbler and apricot Danish. Sweet and bready, Carmelized sugar, and orange life savers. I get a touch of a cinnamon aspect when it warms and nothing screams acidity from the roof tops, let alone VERY wild Sour, or whatever.

The taste has a light acidity that is in line with what many would consider "faint" in an American saison, lightly lactic profile that takes a back seat to the decadent fruit profile. Vsb is unquestionably better across the board, there is something to be said about this peach home run pie. This is sweet like pie filling but a nice caramel and vanilla aspect to the juice adding a layer of complexity. I can't really think of an analogue that would serve this market.

It's not exceptionally sour. It isn't excessively wild, but it is bogglingly peach to a Funky Buddha degree yet doesn't toe the line of that cloying Short's profile.


Get that peach produce upside your head.

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