@hillfarmstead Blueberry flora is worth violating your parole for, jammy acidic nipple twister


Where do I even begin with this masterpiece? The water profile is as hard as those botched implant nips and totally refreshing. The berry profile is phenomenal and offers that sweet tannic presence and a nice tart sherbert closer that screams fresh fields and summer romps in the brite tank, sticky and dripping with juice. The mouthfeel is dry but endlessly drinkable and JUUUUUUST tart enough , imagine those JK 500mls, add spoilers and leather interiors, polish it up a touch and boon you have this wildly hyped beer.

I know this is going to be wildly controversial but, I prefer this to blabaer if only due to how clean it finishes and how approachable the acidity profile works with the berries.

Better than satsuma, entirely different than flora itself, this is essentially an amped up world-class table beer meets wild ale. Preserving that musky farmhouse profile is a REALLY fucking hard endeavor. Hats off to these Verde Mont giants, I am jacking my bean stalk


I am always down to ride these berries

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