@tgbrews Toppling Goliath dropping pineapple loads at Light speed


Their stout program is pretty universally unfadeable, but those toppling boys hit the Goliath spot with hoppy offerings? I was skeptical as first given the rose colored glasses those land locked states place on their reviews, tossing out five spots like amateur night at the gentleman’s club. But rest assured, this is ultra legit.

I say this commenting on a subtle style that needs to both remain anomalously refreshing but also walk the razors edge of hoppy complexity. This Millenium and falcon combo hits in a similar fashion to kerns winter ale, albeit thinner and a touch more malty. It has a geeked up tangerine and tree trimmer nose to it with a fresh sappiness and dry floral notes to the closer. It isn’t the citrus bomb the package promises but delivers in a more dry and faintly grapefruit aspect that is more bittering than juicy J.

It is unendingly drinkable and falls closer to the hoppy birthday pin that the zombie derst contingency would probably like, but the depth makes this a noteworthy pale that is distinctly non-IPA in execution. A feat in itself.


Grassy meets tropical got me fully triggered.

Bonus points if you know this last gen game.

One thought on “@tgbrews Toppling Goliath dropping pineapple loads at Light speed

  1. I saw my nephew playing a game that was kind of like that called Scrolls of Oblivion or something. Am I far off here? Please let me know, I want to find a way to connect with him.

    Okay thank you


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