@santeadairius Lucy is blue a boo dee a boo dai a boo dee a boo dai.


This is like the halfway house between St Lam and Blabby, stepped on with Anna. To be succinct: it is probably one of the best beers I have had this year. Highly drinkable, efficient and delicate acidity not giving too much, but complex with tannic berries and musk.

It is endlessly quaffable and the bouquet resonates like a farmers market with that sophomore crush before you’re all into finger banging. The pure years. It doesn’t run down that excessively acidic path and maintains a distinctively saison backbone with a berry chinDo fucking your palate to full juicy fulfillment.

I hate using cardinal or ordinal breakdowns, especially for Sara or these other farmhouse slanders but, this is easily one of the best beers that they have made. I say this having had a good number of them, this is worth every bit of the hype that it has not received.

Keep this our secret, let those assholes chase Life is like or whateverthefuck. You and me and them berries make three.


Getting trolled with boxes regularly.

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