Last night I popped an Allagash Merveilleux while playing Demon’s Souls. This is an excellent beer to enjoy in between the relentless YOU DIED messages.


This is a refreshing albeit substantial American wild or AMERICAN AUTHENTIC LAMBIC as the joke goes. It has a nice dry crispness to the nose like strawberry and fresh cut Fuji apples, and the dryness follows throughout the mouthfeel with Chardonnay and a white grape fruitiness to it at the outset. After you swallow things get a touch earthier not unlike the mineral and lightly bitter 2010 cable car or Herfst sort of metallic meets acidic merger. The whole thing kinda reminds me of an imperial Supplication on one hand and a sort of earthy wild on another.

Worth arching a couple ropes of jizz over but not your entire load, if we are talking backdoor trades.


When it comes to rare bottles, you always gotta go with plan ZJ

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