De Cam Kriek Lambiek, cherry poppin daddy go an blow your horn


I prefer the Oude kriek but this is still a nice little maraschino cherry with a faint tannic aspect that is less juicy but more drinkable. The carbonation is fantastic and has this crackly pop rocks disposition that is a cherry will O the wisp that regenerates with one cherry mana. It gains complexity as it warms with more of a Capri sun and red jolly rancher sweetness and only the faintess hint of acidity. As a result it feels more traditional and makes this less initiated feel at home. This is a more subtle albeit more nuanced cherry profile that some will find boooooring but others who don’t watch “say yes to the dress” will realize it takes a calm hand and cherry smooches to blend something this balanced and crushable.


Them cherries get my banana peeled

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