No One Gives a Shit About Your Opposition to MacroBrews

That’s humor when beer blogs get mad mileage bombing on Macrobreweries. It’s like the insecure 13 year old who is crafting an identity on arbitrary opposition ANARCHY BEER FUCK 420 LAGER RELIGION 666 MICRO. “I only DRINK FAT TIRE I AM INTO CRAFT NOW OK THIS IS WHO I AM NOW, mom and dad just dont UNDERSTAND ME. FUCK THE GOV AND FUCK MACRO” written on Jansport backpacks and shit.

If you really get deep into the rabbit hole of beer, you start giving zero fucks about what MacroKrew is up to. At least they arent the same assholes standing in line with you for hours, neckbearding it up at the next release.

You aren’t starting some revolution by showing your stretchmarks of microbeer exploration.  The people you are preaching to aren’t listening, and unless your beer blog has a straight up FoxNews reader base, they probably already don’t drink Bud Light Platinum.  It’s like, if you go to a club you can’t get less than zero chicks, you can’t leave owing people HJs.  If you have so little to comment upon in the beer world that bombing on a straw men and adjunct lagers is AAA content, maybe you should duck out of the beer game.  No one needs your duplicative ass content adjunct lagering up the beer scene.

The greatest irony is that podcasts/blogs/VLOGS/feeds that lean hard on the fuck macro rhetoric are themselves the malt liquor of the craft beer scene.  It is entry level, cheap, shitty content sold to the lowest common denominator, usually an aggregate of other content.  Do we really need another reposting about SUEDE OMG NEW STOEN STOUT?  You are watering up your mash and using DME from other beer sites, GTFO.

Expressing some opaque opposition to a mega-corporation while contributing jack shit yourself is a drain upon the beer world.  No one wants to see your 9 minute vapid review of New Belgium Shift, fuck off.

Rolling Rock still tastes pretty damn refreshing after a session of savagely beating my child for leaving his bike in the driveway.


Cicerone tasting at work srs expert fuck macro got things to tastes


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