The Bruery Run BMC

I drank the first half in a legit fashion, then played beerpong with the other half. Patrick Rue would be proud. THE BRINGBACKS WERE NOT INSUBSTANTIAL.

The Bruery Run BMC Imperial Pilsner, 7% abv

This beer is a slap in the face to the bud/miller/coors (BMC) kids for several reasons: first, it gets you pretty twisted for a pilsner, it is QUADRUPLE HOPPED, comes in a fancy bottle, and you can’t drink it while on a lake. This has all the great qualities of horrible adjunct lager, but then improved across the board with a great biscuit taste and huge hoppy finish that almost dominates the pilsner aspect. Still a sick redcupper for your bros to drill if one of you just bowled a 200 game or some shit.

This beer is uplifting to people's common conceptions of pilsners and sets a new standard.

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