New Session IPA and a new Crowler Machine: @Hangar24brewery is Attempting to Moisten their Nomadic Desert Customer Base

Hangar 24 has been making discrete moves lately. Always a vein of bubbling tar taking shape in the form of Puga variants, sure, but there seems to be a layer of strata that has promise to yield precious materials. I will defer comment on that pending release of the q3 info. Suffice it to say, their wild ale program has been manifesting in the desert in that airplane hangar like some Inland Empire Weapon X project, turning out drunken Deadpools. BUT WILL THEY USE THEIR SPECIAL RIVERSIDE ABILITIES FOR GOOD OR EVIL?

I used to have a H24 second anniversary glass. I have no idea where that shit went. Probably broke it, typical DDB negligence.

I used to have a H24 second anniversary glass. I have no idea where that shit went. Probably broke it, typical DDB negligence.

Hangar 24 Brewing, Redlands, CA

4.6% abv, Session IPA

Like most breweries operating in hot climates worth their salt these days, they have a massive canning line and now an attendant Crowler machine. That means I can’t really talk shit on those wild expensive stupid Bavarian growlers that they used to use. I mean I can, but it just would be even more petty at this point.

So today we are taking a look at a Crowler of their first batch of session Ipa. If you follow Ddb, you can already predict the tired tropes and threadbare parody connected to this style. You get it, I get it, just pretend I made all those jokes for the tenth time.

So how does this stack up against the staples like Founders and Ponto in this overcrowded high profit margin genre? WELP, it is two row malt and maybe a pinch of caravienna but watery is the splashy undercurrent throughout. I will leave you to contemplate how thin the body has to be for old ddb to complain about a lack of Crystal or Pilsner to beef it up. WERS TEH BEEF.

The nose is an IED roadside fragmentary explosive of mosaic and shards of Citra shrapnel. It is radiant and pumps sunlight and lemon pith through your pores. If you have had one of the innumerable mosaic forward beers recently you know the grassy meets orange peel and chive sort of character this presents. Shallots? Sure why the fuck not.

The taste is a dry blast of cut grass and summer chores. It just feels like manual labor. If I didn’t drink this they would pay an illegal¬†Immigrant cents on the dollar to do a better job than I would ever do reviewing this beer. That’s not a racist joke, that’s economic commentary. It finishes with an Anjou pear skin dryness that leaves less behind than you even began with, thinner than books written by comedians. Basically go open up a bottle of yellow rose and add 20% more water. Tadaa, session ipa, such high yields. Much sessions, very crush.

File this one under "things you must own"

File this one under “things you must own”

It is refreshing as hell and in the top tier of this segment, however, without meaningful distribution and the body dialed in, this review will continue to present a glaring asterisk. Look for this when it finally hits market, if people aren’t already hella into ARTISANAL craft mineral water at that point.

Ddb jokes usually become reality around a year later.