Veritas 016 Sprayed like a Frightened Wild Ale Skunk but Does it Bang?

Alright, if you talk to some 2014 class n00b-tier trader they will tell you “v16 ZOMG IT’S FRUITED DDG!!!” but what’s the real deal?


First and foremost, this is far closer to Spontaneous Cheer than DDG in that it lacks the musky Doesjel/dusty/cheesy/earthy/Herfst aspects.  That being said, that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t take headshots and grab fruity dogtags: the kills are confirmed, this is loud AF.

This provides acidity that never becomes too tart or overbearing, a nice lemon zest with a fruity backbone that is more of a fleshy tannic presence on the waft and swallow than an unmetabolized jammy marmalade. Something that would have been amazing in veritas 10 or particularly vertias 12: YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRINK AN ENTIRE BOTTLE YOURSELF.  Assuming you dont lose a third of it after you open it.  The barrel is seamlessly integrated as is the abv and this is a slightly more puckering version of the inimitable Persica b1.

The peaches are a great compliment to the base beer that I already loved.  The golden heritage continues unmolested with a crown jewel, which means that we are in for some stupid 14% abv oud bruin as Veritas 17, EVERY TIME.

This is absolutely worth your time and it is trading at hilariously low levels at the moment.  If you have a hilarious chili Prop to flip, transmogrify it into something amazing before those CA dipshits are the wiser.



First We Feast Is Back, With the Same Old Tired Aaron Goldfarb Content Even DDB Would Be Ashamed Of.

Some of you might remember less than a year ago when writer Aaron Goldfarb and those master cicerones paraded out this tired, hyperbolic article on beer muling:

oh wow no way such information

So then in response, DDB rolled out this old chestnut:

HARD HITTING Exposé: BEER MULES UNMASKED, srs beer journalisms

Welp, no less than ten months later, those content farmers at First We Feast and that indefatigable Aaron Goldfab have posted essentially, the exact same cake of bungtrub:


Sure, DDB is the last place to complain about shitty derivative content, but the problem is FirstWeFeast is your aunt’s website for pseudo gourmands and I will have this stupid garbage sent to me at least 20 times.  It celebrates the shitlord paradigm of hoarding, truck chasing, coveting limited releases, and introduces beta casuals to an already teeming market of filthy manchildren who derive their self esteem from bottles of sugarwater.

Hot gems of wisdom:

“track the cargo relentlessly”

“Buy More than Is Reasonable…or Allowed”

“Form a Beer Nerd Coalition…[and act like total covetous pricks.]”

among other erudite pearls of knowledge.

Sure, maybe the article is being written ironically, or maybe it is needling the culture for comically rapacious habits: but it should make that clear at the outset. Once BeerAdvocate silenced all of the morally reprehensible and ethically bankrupt traders who are new to the scene, every other beer site/group has had to pick up the slack.  Articles like these just reinforce the greed and bottle maximizing that is going to full secondary valuations.



This article might have been more relevant say, six years ago, when your local store didn’t have incredible barrel aged stouts, saisons and wild ales turding it up on the shelves.  At that time you actually HAD to trade if you wanted an approximation of a beer.  Now it is filled with FirstWeHoard assholes attempting to excise every last drop out of their ethanol portfolios.

that one time a guy posted sick bottles on facebook and everyone was v imprsd

that one time a guy posted sick bottles on facebook and everyone was v imprsd

Less articles like this.  Less people like this. BA please allow comments again and remove the trade restrictions, the rest of the craft beer world simply cannot deal with the ignorant dipshits you have cultivated in the turd filled child pool and now they are spilling into other backyards, turds in hand.

#RespectBeer [profiteering.]