Cigar City Amplitude Sold Out in 20 Seconds and My Labias are Bruised

Lol I am a member of Cigar City Catador club and society members had an opportunity to buy a bottle of Amplitude, oh wait, it sold out in 20 seconds. I can press F5 and be denied on Lost Abbey’s website for free, no membership required.

That’s right, a barrel aged imperial dopplebock, that was previously infected then pasteurized, SOLD OUT IN 20 SECONDS.

Cigar City goes:
” AMPLITUDE SALES CANCELLED, This decision was made when our lab found some strains of lactobacillus on the plates swabbed from our brite tank, the vessel used to carbonate the beer shortly before bottling. Lactobacillus is great for our Berliner Weisse and the upcoming Sour Guava Grove, as it aids in souring the beer. In Amplitude, a big rich barrel-aged doppelbock, it’d be a disaster.”

Then they be all like:

“After pasteurizing everything, I retested those same bottles on the same type of media. All 10 showed growth before and none of the 10 showed growth after. We also did a test called hot boxing where I put a few of the bottles in the incubator to accelerate the growth and effects of any spoilage organisms. We did sensory analysis of those bottles and all tasted fine with no signs of spoilage. Based on that, we’re all confident that the beer is clean and cleared for release””

This is the beer that sold out in 20 seconds. I hate beer.