White Bay Beer Co Sequoia Country has Australia Showing America How West Coast IPAs Should Be.

Sequins country brand stout

CAFE standards are a mandate Congress puts on automakers to ensure their entire fleet has better fuel economy. This has had some unintended consequences.

Breweries used to be praised for efficiency, but rewarding additives and residual sugar has led to larger beers. The wheelbase continues to expand. In 2016 the CAFÉ standards were amended to make the MPG goals based on its size. The styles could be redefined to hit their goals.

The once refreshing west coast IPA saw its curb weight increase. A once special, yearly indulgent TIPA now became de rigeur, expected even. Across a brewery’s fleet, it was no longer the abv that was the focus because efficiency was predicated upon the size of the beers themselves.

If you walk onto a dealership floor or a bottleshop and wonder why everything seems bigger, the goalposts have shifted. The normal west coast IPA now must be loaded down with oats, or increasingly absurd levels of tetra dry hopping. The Ranger is now bigger than the hoppy F150 of years past.

Sequoia County is a big west coast IPA that is exceptional. It is also Australian so this would be a “Perth style” ipa in their language and Holden’s are larger than ever. It is made by the guy who left Oscar Blues and this hit my doorstep like a transcontinental alpha acid rocket just dripping in dingo runnings. It is resinous in that delicious, coniferous, zested tangelo way. The body is just enough crystal to not feels like a wiped out cold IPA, a pop of sweetness to structure the raked foliage and Haribo peach ring.

It does all of this without making “big” its intention. The dryness and bitterness is certainly large but it isn’t a function of catering to market inefficiencies.

Automakers now crave hitting 6000lbs because then it’s an industrial vehicle and you can write it off entirely under Section 179. It’s why your friends completely unsuccessful Ju Jitsu studio somehow needs a G Wagon, and Shaelynn’s candle business has a 4Runner. The modern palate is a writeoff that brewers seek out.

This is classic and an amazing IPA, no tax tricks or MPG games necessary. As big as it needs to be and nothing more.


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