Ghost Town Brewing Hammer Smashed Citra is for Wear Coast IPA Dorks

Yes yes yes I like to drink my hops

Whenever you read beer sales reports they always reinforce this narrative that 6 out of every 10 craft beers are IPAs. People all nod like “Ah yes, the west coast IPA is ubiquitous.” They mean like forgettable draft line fillers from giants are ubiquitous. Sure, Stone IPA and 60 minute IPA and Boomsauce are everywhere, but stunning west coast IPAs are a dying breed.

Even more scarce are breweries that are geared specifically to fill this space. We can all rattle off the Beachwoods and the McIlhenny’s and La Cumbres, but most brewers are pastry enthusiasts, saison ballers, or some shade of Belgophiles. I get all gas station RHINO XL pill jacked when I find a new west coast IPA focused spot.

DDB could just rest on its rhizomes and reinforce whale narratives with established hit factories. Those reviews are boring to read and tedious to write. Like “oh no shit this inaccessible Floodland beer is good? I will continue never trying it thanks.” I love constantly ruining up and coming breweries for locals by outing the best under the radar gems.

Several people wrote to me urging I try Ghost Town Brewing. I already spooned Wondrous and that’s enough East Bay praise, Oakland is already unaffordable as it is. These Lake Merritt tricksters are doing awesome hoppy work. The most 510 shit ever, dudes who started a metal band turned their practice space into a brewery. The Too $hort collab is forthcoming I’m sure.

This is so simple and focused, that 3.9 untappd rating lets you know it’s good. Incredibly light body dripping in honeycomb resin, clementine knife hits off the stove, hash rips from a cored out jazz apple in a TJ Maxx parking lot. Wcipa stuff.

It finishes with juniper and bergamot, toasted pineapple like Creed Aventus.

This is drier than thongs at a Babylon 5 convention. The swallow betrays what the Midwest led us to believe about IPAs, no crystal, no backbone, one malt invertebrates and one hop alpha acid SSRIs to balance the oily manic swings. I don’t care if this brewery is one note, maybe they do more, they can do just this and people would stay and listen to their terrible noise band.

@ghosttownbrewing is taking liberties and I am here for it.


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