Knob Creek 18 Year: Gas Station Bourbon Reaches an Age of Majority

It’s bachelor in paradise ok

It’s time for another installment of “Where did all the double digit age statement bourbons go?” Today’s answer is: they just cost way more.

With Willet painting their bottles black and ripping people off on mediocre 8 year distillate for $250 a pop, even humble Knob says “why not me?” Eighteen years. Corn juice that can provide consent, but not old enough to drink itself.

Eighteen year Knob Creek feels weird. Hyper luxury everymany products. Like seeing Hyundai release baller Genesis cars and you’re still thinking of Tiburons. Sure, the 9 year Knob is still at the gas station for now. The 12 is at the fancy grocery store. The horrible 15 is not worth anyone’s time but, yowzers, this $180 retail 18 year. Beam is bending our staves with this one.

I can already hear some 2015 apologist like “back in MYYYY day we got 16 year knob store picks for $55 and there was this frog on a unicycle called DAT BOI” We get it. Bourbon has changed. Even the halcyon days of $125 15th anniversary knob sounds like drinking from a sweet creek compared to these prices.

But is this good? Check your dreams of Eagle Rare 17 at the door, this isn’t some elegant affair. This seeks to compete with the likes of Elijah Craig 18 and does so competently. If KC15 is a completely underwhelming waste, this is just moderate decadence. It’s wasteful, but not like “Balenciaga Potato Chip Bag Purse” levels. KC18 is semi-indulgent. Just be grateful this isn’t $800 like that Marni Old Fitz 17.

It’s thin and doesn’t exude that syrupy body you would want, but provides enough viscosity to kick up some roadhouse peanut shells on the sawdust floor. There’s flickers of Sugar Daddy and Sun Tea, a pop of Lemon Snapple, with a restrained warmth that feels luxurious. A caramel dipped mohair cardigan dried on the line. Allspice, rum cake, and Cinnabon OTPHJ close things out tersely.

It never goes Diageo levels of laughable overoak, just as much wood as you desire, babe the big proofs hurt. I paid $230 for this with no box and, its yeah, def not that. Just buy the KC12, that is the quality sweet spot for 40% the cost. Or hell, buy the KCSB9 and ride the Shasta Bookers pony. This is a novel tick, but needless

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