Wax Wings Brewing They Will See Us Drunk Off Such Great Heights

Come down now

Michigan has many hidden gems, cherry varietals, juggalo deviants, a weird upper peninsula that’s basically shasta canada that even Wisconsin won’t claim. Lots to love in that old mitten.

@waxwingsbrewing have been causing a buzz with their strong ales and this foray into double barrel stouts feels like the recent change in dunkin points: everyone about to be mad for some reason. They are just tryna do something nice.

It has a sky high untappd score and exists as this inconspicuous counterpoint to the ultra hype stouts in the resale game. The body is managed beautifully and provides a Stavey heat in your clavicle. It warms like flourless lava cake and she’s impressed by Bucca du Beppo. The crackle goes this boulevardier route hipsters love and rye has a pop of spice and resin knife hits.

It seems irresponsible but courteous. The beverage equivalent of shaking out a comforter to find underwear for someone you just met. The depth never gets too sweet but maintains poise. If you’ve ever met someone who nonironically says “ITS GIVING-“ and then lists a series of horribly watered down DSM terms, this is the opposite of that. It’s warm and enjoyable and never starts a sentence with “NOT ME-“

The issue is that people who care will be mad you have this, and people who don’t will overlook it. Reconciling the fervid locals and the hype battermouths is a tough road to hoe. Just enjoy this in silence. They will see you drunk from such great Heights.

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