Three Taverns Prince of Pilsen is a hoppy pilsner for deviants who are into that

Mlikoing it for all it’s worth

Half a decade ago @threetaverns generated some pastry buzz with their Helms Deep program, and it was pretty good. Not knowing their catalog I was like here we go, a wakefield of Decatur. It seems their true heart aligns closer to a @bierstadtlager x @enegrenbrewing type of affinity. This isn’t the type of 1840 pilsen you smash on the streets. It’s new wave and has a distracting Citra profile that seeks to reconcile the ipa pineophiles 🌲 with the current lager fetishists. Everything ends up in Pantone shades of IPL, cold ipa or Italian pilsner. Here’s the rub though: this is very tasty. The underpinnings and structure of it are so well executed and look at that meringue cling 🍋 and retention. This has oyster crackers, saltine, polo sport cologne, and a lingering clementine drag. Everyone is trying to ride that @firestonewalker Pivo wave and it’s me who remains salty. Just Šnyt me up.

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