Trillium 2021 three year blend 01: German Romanticism in a Glass

Dat green glass shows they mean business

Caspar David Friedrich was a German Romanticist who sought to bring the passion of nature back into modern life. He did this with stark landscapes of cold, austere portrayals of bleak places. It is a series of destroyed cathedrals, wrecked ships, and frigid frozen trees. Basically Dark Souls in painted form. It puts you in your place.

It’s that cold distorted sense of place that provides perspective. Trillium sits dotted across Boston in these icy areas, emulating bucolic Belgian ales, and it provides a stark contrast of seasons. You pop Habitat 2021 3 year blend 01 and immediately inhale with that American wild ale expectancy. The whiff of lacto or loss. Scents of brett trois and regret, like drinking on acutane, lips splitting from internal acidity.

But it doesn’t come this time, youre in the Romantic painting alone in a field. There’s a frothy riparian cap, insane cling and sustain like morning sky in sheets of celadon. Sure you get meyer lemon, tart sancerre, and a granny smith apple that hits the mandible. But it’s not acid, it’s like a simpler time, when you would drop your phone and the battery would fly out. Taking fake lambic pics on a Nikon COOLPIX and titling the album “*-RaNdOm GuEuzE-*” It feels old in a fun way. 3 year blend and oh great your Bumble date is talking about Astral Projection. It feels deep but you recoil.

It has the structure of a mid tier geuze but remains firmly rooted in American wild ph profile. The age of enlightenment was obsessed with “the sublime.” This doesn’t approach that exactly, but the pear and brie swallow is evolving. This is the same brewery that brought me that complete nightmare brett stock ale THREADS.

The Ruckenfigur in these paintings is a person seen from behind. It’s a technique where you insert yourself via third person perspective. It’s a way to give a sense of perspective. I haven’t been to Massachussetts, but there’s a sense of place to this beer. It is both soft and domineering like the Mormon church, and rocks my stomach like an order of Taco Bell wings. I am stronger throughout, and even wild ale seminary can be enjoyable.

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