Urban Roots Amburana Demons Run is Disliked by People Who You Dont Want to Share Opinions With

It’s tasty and weird

I always love finding beers that I love that also have rock bottom Untappd scores. I love the opposite as well. It feels good for your palate to be wrong.

Amburana wood made parabola return to its incredible complexity and elevates @urbanrootssmokehouse Demon’s Run to fascinating heights. So imagine my delight and awe to see that a bunch of dudes with the palate equivalent of chelsea boots didn’t like it. This beer is good, and I’m content to not be lumped in with the FOBAB single ounce mouthers.

Against the Grain [or maybe Alexandra Nowell?] pioneered these exotic staves. It’s that mix of exotic Andes wood and intense spice profile that it imparts that makes the finish long and gingerbread with spice drops. A little bit goes a long way and mixed with the sinewy body of this relatively lithe Demons Run you get a fantastic snickerdoodle meets gingersnap waft that screams holiday domestic disturbances.

If you’ve ever seen those dudes who nonironically wear a turtleneck and a chain but aren’t old enough to realize that they are literally the dick in a box guy, you’ll see that elegance takes self awareness. This is aware of what it is doing and plays a long roll across the bitter and sweet zones. This isn’t for the type of person who argues with a landlord to get their deposit back. It’s the lacquer and cinnamon enjoyer who commits mortgage fraud by renting out their primary residence as a spice air bnb.

The swallow is clean and Peter Hoey refuses to play the enhanced residual sugar game or capitulate to glucosephiles, the 3.8 on untappd is almost a pilsneresque “reverse badge.” Amburana is good and if you don’t enjoy it, maybe your mouth is the problem.

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