Lakefront Brewing Bourbon BA Quad Is Pure Wisconsin Raisin Fig Overload

So espicey

There’s something magical about Wisconsin. The people are genial, frozen, recklessly drunk. The sports teams seem to be having the best of times. The serial killers are of the bumbling “oops left blood on the center console” variety. Not only do they consume more beer than anyone per capita, but they have a rich history of macro lagers and cheese consumption.

Lakefront brewery is equally insane, quintessentially Wisconsin. A relatively massive brewery with long running historical roots, it still manages to have fun. If you have a sports mascot who slides down a chute into a mug of beer, why not buy his Chalet and literally put it into your brewery? Why not allow couples to book it as a private romantic getaway? Why not let patrons get absolutely hammered drunk BEFORE DURING AND AFTER the tour, go for it, fall into the Milwaukee River. The guys at Mo’s steakhouse downriver will fish you out.

Oh I’m sorry, their flagship amber lager wasn’t sexy enough for you? Well how about a 15% bourbon BA quad. This thing just gushes dates and figs, grape tobacco, Syrah grape and a prickly phenolic Mediterranean dessert of spicy esters. The swallow is spicy and distinctively Belgian without allowing the substantial oak to become its entire personality like when dudes turn 30 and their identity is smoked meats. WOW HE BOUGHT A TRAEGER LET US ALL LAUGH AT HIM.

It is a fun riff on the strong ale world, an excessive Milwaukee quad that mirrors BLVD and North Coast efforts, but in a cheesehead amplified way. There’s no subtelty but if I ever go to Madison I want a dude beet faced in a Carhartt shirt screaming in my face about how space lasers started the Oregon forest fires. I want it over the top.

Most drinkers wont embrace raisins and Wild Turkey as an enjoyable beverage. There’s a way lonely people tell stories, tease the conclusion up top, and then fill in excessive details so you can’t walk away. Soft loneliness creates the nuance. This isn’t that, this is a guy spitting currant Moon Man in your face explaining Delta Variant 5G chips. And I love it.

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