Oakshire Brewing Somehow a Life Beyond the Dream is a Faustian Gamble

Why’s it clear hang on

There’s a sort of Faustian gamble with IPAs these days. With every can you never know if IPA means west coast, or if the Orange Julius food court palates have so firmly dominated the style that NEIPA is just the standard designation. I often get a flood of relief when the pour hits the glass radiant and coniferous.

Oakshire is in Eugene Oregon and has the (mis)fortune of being surrounded by some of the most insane hoppy competition in any market. I remember Hellshire from back in the Blockbuster video days, when you could call into LiveLinks on your Blackberry. We have to go back, by moving forward.

Triple IPAs aren’t refreshing and can more often end a night than start one. “Somehow A Life Beyond the Dream” strikes a scaled up balance to this excess. The name sounds like a cross between a Rise Records band and a Tired Hands ESB. The nose delivers waves of the interior of a time machine with split pine, satsuma pith, raked underbrush, scorched grapefruit garnish on a $18 cocktail that took 11 minutes to make by a guy named Hyacinth who just bought a van.

The hops are about as predictable as dudes obsessed with crypto who don’t own a bed frame: simcoe mosaic citra Columbus. We get it. It doesn’t counterbalance with a fistful of crystal so by being even less structured it is somehow more polished. It has this niche loveable quality, sandalwood and POG juice. People embrace these offerings the same way that people in their mid 20s become obsessed with Trader Joes. We get it, you’re lonely and cooking for one. Leave us out of it.

Jesslyn will recoile and reveal those American Girl doll teeth when you make her take a sip and nod at how unhinged your beverage choices have become. TIPAs quickly become a solitary journey. In bathing yourself in the waves of aserose and oils, you are the lonely vape salesmen waiting for high school to get out, sitting among your glass cases and the danky torpor of nugs, grinders, and solipsism.

WC TIPAs take us back to the past and it’s in those quiet moments that Doordash orders just hit different. I’m here for it, but people will judge you if you eat a bisected grapefruit for breakfast.

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