Woodford Reserve Masters Collection “VERY FINE RARE BOURBON” Series no. 16 is the real and actual name of this bourbon

Scanning for age in progress

In writing the term Ab Ovo refers to the concept that the story begins at the start of the narrative. With bourbon, what you are purchasing is often in media res within a series of casks that have been laying around a rickhouse for years. The synthesis is in the bourbon collector, who finds that everything revolves around them.

It is protagonist syndrome for corn juice and everyone else is a supporting character in these guys’ lives. Enter Woodford Reserve Masters Collection “VERY FINE RARE BOURBON” [that is the real name] Series no. 16.

The label says 16th release, but this is the fifteenth. The press release says that this has 17 year juice in it, but not how much. The proofing is 90, but this looks darker than Sun Tea made in Scottsdale. The retail is $130 but I paid $199. So many questions.

At first I was like why does this cost exponentially more than the Distiller’s Select, which is like $40. Then I realized it’s that teenage bathwater in there. The Belle Delphine modifier making middle management insurance adjusters just pine to put this on an IKEA Kallax book case and never open it. The original NFT. Adult action figures never to be played with, possession is the joy itself.

But is it $150+ good? It’s very enjoyable. Nose is sugar babies, solid split lumber waft, sandalwood, musk like Maison Margiele Replica cologne, closes with Graham Cracker. The age is present and accounted for like an Only Fans account, commanding a premium without any feet.

The taste provides layers of horsehide leather, allspice, cream of wheat with brown sugar, and a peanut brittle swallow. It is extremely dry and you know where all that extra money went, the wildly long, old, refined swallow. It is Eagle Rare 17 if you ordered it off of Wish.com.

Is this “overpriced?” Ok it doesn’t state the percentage of teen liquid attendant here, but the taste is there. If this was age stated 17, it would be like $500 so, fine step on me a bit daddy. If you’ve ever dropped your date off and then basked in the long clapping fart billowing warm into car seat leather, held for hours on end, you know the relief and pleasure of deferred enjoyment. This is really satisfying

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