Creature Comforts Brewing Single Barrel Saison no 64 is a Barnyard Masterpiece


So @creaturecomfortsbeer has silently clipped along expanding, thriving, capturing Georgian markets and threatening Los Angelenos with a new brewery next year: but to what end? When they first popped it was all See the Stars and Existence drama. Then for a half decade it’s consistent top tier bangers in styles people overlook. But now, the single barrel saison renaissance is here.

American saisons in the mid 2010’s just became rebranded wild ales. Now people just expect bracing acidity and monoculture pageantry. if you give them something saccharomyces driven, let alone Duponty or Fantomey they will be pissed. Pedio and lacto is the name of the farmhouse game for many, because nuance is hard.

You ever see that guy at an open mic who is like “I’m pretty edgy, I like to push limits.” That’s a dude who doesn’t know how to write with any subtlety. They can’t create art without being offputting. Breweries like Floodland, Sante, Upright: all softness. It isn’t that other breweries lack the skill, it often is that they have some fresh out of the vial monoculture that doesnt have any cultural generational permutations or complexity to it. That New White Labs smell. Creature Comforts has nestled into this top tier pigpen with this ultra pillowy gem Single Barrel Saison no 64.

This beer is a masterpiece for the genre and the pinnacle of what I have seen CC accomplish to date. The nose is honeydew, lemon verbena, twine, construction paper, taste has such subtle acidity like a Julianne Moore supporting role. There’s a faintly herbal eucalyptus swallow, key lime pie filling, and this carb that is softer than the insides of a Canada Goose gilet. It’s truly 600 thread count, comfort a single male beer nerd will simply never purchase.

This beer shines as brightly as the heritage series from Hill Farmstead and hits almost within striking range of the Art/Samuel realm. Hyper focused simplicity masking the depth. It’s that good. I don’t know what 2021 holds but this will live rent free in my mind as a contender for one of the best of recent memory. Best part, dudes who drive Tacomas with Punisher stickers and wear Red Wings absolutely wont want this. It is our rustic secret.

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