Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery #2 is a Blast of Corn Juice Transparency

Neo-plasticism was this idea in art that things needed to be aesthetically purified, to base components, an abstract form. The idea was that only the purest, most fundamental concepts should be leveraged in expression. Bourbon is going through its own neo-plasticism of late.
For years, the same five different bourbon companies go to pick a historical figure at random, mythologize their importance to American distilling, put cursive script “SMALL BATCH” on the label, a meaningless marketing shibboleth, and call it a day. This worked for years when things like Noah’s Mill were actually like 12 year old off-brand Willett, the juice was good and profiteering wasn’t as brazen. Now people’s collective bourbon anooses have been prolapsed to the point of white lightning recidivism. They’re tired. Palliative care is needed for the head hoops.
Enter DISCOVERY SERIES #2. If non-Kentucky, no age statement, NDP, ambiguous juice is all the rage, this is a splash of spicy corn juice on your areolas. Distilled in Kentucky, with age statements, and mash bills, and component blend breakdowns (!) aside from the sourcing itself, it couldnt be more Neo-Plasticism.
This juice is dark, 122 proof, and justifies every cent of its $140 retail price tag. Bardstown Bourbon Company (inb4 BBC) has made something incredible here. I suspect the sourcing is a good part Beam with some Heaven Hill in the mix. If this is accurate, you are getting something that tastes eerily similar to Booker’s 30th, well south of the $700 secondary price tag.
The nose is so much Red Hots candies akin to Bookers Oven Buster, cinnamon, challah french toast, and a blast of potpourri. The taste brings Tempe heat, without the flatbrimmed hats. It evokes pralines, nutmeg, and prunes. The drag is like Big Red blow that lingers.
In reviews you can embrace this false everyman narrative by nerfing anything that costs over $50 and gurgle NOT WORTH IT JUST BUY ECBP and everyone pats you on the back. It’s disingenuous.I can’t do that here: the age, the integration, the balance, the depth, it all absolutlely justifies the price tag and it is a rare example where I will be pushing to find another bottle of this fantastic gem.
Neo-plasticism reduced art to minimalism and boring Rothko shit. BBC is pushing towards a robust transparency in spirits and my staves are fully saturated.

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