Phase Three Eunoia Takes Nut Levels to a New Dimension

Lake Zurich stepping up to smash my 🥜 fully. When @phasethreebrew dropped this Shaun Berns juice, I folded my arms and waited for the 4.8 untapped rating to drop. I can only assume massaging mallow foam and peanut butter is an elective class at Siebel. Here’s the frustrating part: it’s really god damn good.

If you walk into this with @mainandmillbrew BA Jifforia expectations, take those and drill out the lactose, clean up the mouthfeel, amp up the cask driven spirit heat, and you have a sticky image with the contrast turned way up. Like an 8th grader flicking his wrist during a sick day, this nut is getting out of hand. Stouts can often apply the lactose filter to smooth out the imperfections, this is full raw in the best way. I rarely want to crush an entire bottle solo, especially when it’s like 620 calories a pour, this is just Reese’s neck kisses with Butterfinger lovingly dragging a finger along the sloppy sourdough starter that is your gut.

It lacks nuance or delicacy, but somehow the lipid profile and sheer Fusel twist together like a drippy DNA helix 🧬 and you are the super soldier falling asleep on the wood deck outdoors. Is it worth the $325 secondary price? I mean you don’t have to drive to Lake Zurich and be surrounded with its diverse 93.4% white populace, coldstone creameries and Baby Gaps. Then again, it’s been so long since I hit up a KOHL’s. To people not into beer, this is almost parodic levels of Peter Pan decadence, I’m here for it. Jaelynne fetch father’s smuckers vessel for the heart craves preserves.

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