Was This a Colossal Waste of Money: Four Roses 130th Anniversary

Alright do you have $320? Do you honestly not care about your hypothetical children? Good.

They didn’t earn PJ Mask tickets and can afford their own Montessori school. So let’s state up top, regular old four roses single barrel is verrrrry good. But let’s not be that flat Bill dipshit you went to highschool with acting like the RSX is the same as the new NSX. SaMe DisPlaCeMent type of nonsense. This 130th is for the type of 108 proof bottle that retails for $160 but realistically resells for $350. So that’s the realm we are sparring in.

This blend of 10/13/14/16 year casks has a floral nose like the OESK strain and a light mint meets jazz apple, more akin to the insides of a warm McDonalds pie bc the soft machine always broke.

With four roses you Walk into a bar as an equal and drink until you sublimate into nothing. It’s expensive But with this vibrant hot younger spice wrestling with a long lacquer finish. 130th is wearing a jade ring and a Moschino jacket with thrice invisaligned teeth. You have a disconnected boost mobile phone. Your short comings are shimmered in a calculated ombré dye along the rim of the glencairn. Drinking whiskey this good is leasing a life you can’t afford, but you get to inhabit for fleeting swallows.

Ultimately this feels like an odd hybrid between saz18 and Eagle rare 17 in that soft subtle nuanced way. Cinnamon and evergreen tummy rubs.

But honestly why are you in public in a flyers jersey striking at luxury liquid above your weight class. It’s the same reason guys with terrible credit scores finance mustang gt350s: liquid relevance. At a ten year Reunion everyone is so taught and presentational it is sad. By 20 years whats the point, let alone 130 years.

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