Cantillon La Vie Est Solidaire is Likely Top 10 DDB beers for 2019, Just Incredible.

I can’t hang with actual vin Jaune jura bangers but La Vie Est Solidaire was mind blowing. It has that radiant blast of acidity and tangelo akin to Zomer, but the swallow is long and bitter with Brett B aspects contributing brie rind and construction paper. Endlessly crushable because each sip run a tart bitter jab haymaker combo. The strange depth of those dusty oxidized tannins from that lime/clay soil is so expressive in this lambic. We had vin santo with @beersnobbin and that felt like vigneronne with leather interior, but this is something entirely different. The earthiness to the long swallow reminds me more of Herfst and the 3F strains of musk and twine, and I love the diversity in this loon. It’s frustrating when something expensive or inaccessible exceeds expectations because what’s the fun in that? Confirmation bias, no idol toppling, no one learns anything, but one can’t thrive on pithy hyperbolic takedowns for review sustenance all the time. Sometimes things are just good because they do, it how it be. I’m actively trying to think of a cheaper analogue to this and it’s pretty tough, maybe @funkfactorygeuzeria Dweller on the Threshold? That’s not exactly falling off the shelves either. Who cares. There’s a lot of amazing beer and his just happens to be one of them. You don’t need it, but be sure to thrust your filthy glass towards his bottle at the share, sip an ounce, don’t say thank you, then write an Untappd takedown about how it didn’t live up to the hype. By sweeping the leg and producing nothing, you are the true palate master.

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