Wow Four Roses Small Batch Select is a spicy new bourbon you can safely disregard if u feel like it

These little lacquer boiz are popping up in a few markets. I bought this thinking 4RsmbLE had a different sticker and then read it was 6 and 7 year strains bro. U JUS GOTTA FIND UR OESV STRAIN DOG. So at $60 you’d expect this to be markedly better than the regular ass small batch, but not quite as good as the older single barrel picks. This is basically the case.

It’s a lot of Darjeeling and clove and allspice, an exceptionally dry and Lipton driven affair. It doesn’t have the syrupy body or residual depth of confectionary hugs to balance the split cherrywood. As a result it feels older, less balanced, a Patagonia fleece for your esophagus. the finish is longer than I expected with a red hots crackle to it. It’s mad deece. Now that even regular old Noah’s mill is $70+ this is kinda in that segment that three years ago would have cost $15 less. It’s fine but nothing exceptional, better than a daily drinker but nothing you would dazzle Company with. It’s like 89 octane where you go, why does this exist.

Soon dumbshits will start reselling all the McKenna and Eagle Rare so enjoy having only old crow and Kessler on the shelf. Stupid assholes using fermented water as blue chip stocks will be the death of all fun in every hobby. Might as well start stockpiling vintage Green Chartreuse now. #bourbon #whiskey #barrelaged #singlebarrel #fourroses #kentucky #mash #corn

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