Injured due to your own beer negligence? CALL DDB LAW TODAY

Have you or the person who owns the house you live under been hurt or injured by an exploding 450n can? Have you fallen victim to BBTb2 investment scams? Have you been on the receiving end of a shared toxic beer society membership you can’t get out of? Then you need DDB LAW. Here at DDB law we litigate all of the Beer Scene’s most complex and difficult issues. Has someone at a share called the hypewhale you brought “underwhelming” based on a 1oz pour that they didn’t contribute anything to help land it? You can sue them for that. Misappropriation of Untappd toasts? We will sue them. What about collusion between homer traders to drive up the cost of a 300 bottle release from a brewery no one has heard of? The Midwest is getting sued. We also offer services to hide and transfer cellar assets in the unlikely event that a beer nerd has somehow gotten married. Maybe you need to transfer title of your Side Project bottles into BTAC bourbon so you can clearly sell the bourbon and cash out? We offer Tick Ad Litem services to assist in the straw man transaction. Buy too many bottles you had no intention of drinking? We can restructure your Adjunctron bottles into a liquidity picture that is right for you. Here at DDB Law we know that actually drinking beer isn’t the goal, but maximizing self worth from bottles made by someone else absolutely is. We will fight corrupt trade groups and clear your name from Bad Trader lists if you repeatedly back out of trades to wait for something better. We have all been there and DDB Law is willing to fight for your shitlord rights. If you have broken your ankle negligently attending a beer release despite being told not to show up, DDB LAW will represent you interests. We can even show you how to file a FedEx insurance claim to reap even more profits. Here at DDB Law we know, life isn’t about enjoying beer, it’s about sharing 1oz pours of rare beer with strangers to glean feelings of self worth from their equally insincere gratitude. CALL DDB LAW TODAY.

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