New show announced a week from today: Goose Island Tolerates Malt Couture at the Clybourn Pub Live April 19, 2019!

Oh dang @maltcoutureddb is coming A WEEK FROM TODAY to contaminate the @gooseclybourn facility with live comedy, games, improv and some high octane blending. STEPHEN DRINKS LITERAL GASOLINE [not true] but this show is going to be rad and totally different from the 4/20 show. It’s $15 and you get a pour of 2018 propreeesh it should be an awesome time. Also if you are balling outrageous there is a VIP session that is extremely limited and we are bringing some awesome gems from the linen closet for an exclusive tiny share before the show. Put on your Zubaz shorts and finest trilby and join us 🤺link below! #podcast #comedy #craftbeer #chicago #beer

VIP link:

8pm Show:


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