Prairie Big Deborah Pushes the Pastry Model Beyond Florida to its Logical Conclusion

These @prairieales DAWG bottles tend to be consistently ape shit. 🦍 the introduction of free for all additions has led to some truly ridiculous beers where chunks are the norm and floaters are de rigeur. While not as thiccc as the likes of Angry Chair [rip everyone laying outside their brewery this morning] the sheer crushing reliance on additives makes them push the envelope even further. It’s almost like there was no professional overseer guiding guy pushing peeps and combos and pretzels into those tragic staves. This beer was so intense in every direction of the flavor wheel you would need either an incredible black patent bitter offset or a lengthy

casking to add any semblance of balance to these punchline blends.

The beer drinks like melted moose tracks ice cream. I mean that in a literal sense, that dairy swish and cling, the viscosity of Quik, the completely masking of any beer tastes. The entire affair reminds me of corporate chain fast casual dining where they invariably have a milkshake with kahlua or baileys added. It’s like, you clearly don’t like the taste of alcohol and aren’t trying to actually drink, just have a sundae. You don’t need to get an HJ and ride a Ducati at the same time. Both are valid experiences and we don’t need to conflate this Coldstone cunnilingus. #icecream #beer #floats #rarebeer #oklahoma #barreaged #okbeer #beerreview #instabeer #beerstagram

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