DDB is thankful for 2005 Bruocsella Grand Cru

I’m thankful for 13 year old lambic that’s flatter than a Shyamalan script. It’s exactly what you expect from this frumpy 2005 misfit: that classic grapefruit pith, construction paper, twine, zested tangelo, and kennel bed. The acidity is so damn refined and you can crush this like Nestea. Most people like BGC the least in the Cantillon lineup, but the dudes deep in the Brett B game are wiping the dregs on their gums and crushing up rails from those crumbly corks. It’s an acquired taste and arguably ages better than the rest of the fruited/standard Loon lineup. Belgian ppl don’t have Native Americans so they don’t get thanksgiving, but I saw Colin Farrell in In Bruges so I have pretty good handle on what they are thankful for. Thanks to @beersnobbin for keeping my thoat wet #loonz #thanksgiving #thankful #lambic #flat #cellar

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