Perennial Anniversary Blend is a weird lifeStout hybrid in the best way possible

I had no idea what to expect from this bizarre @perennialbeer wheatwine meets stout hybrid. Melange 3? Reforged? Some Pizookie caramel brownie madness? This thing is god damn good, top to bottom. The sticky roasty body of the stout provides a nice bitter aspect akin to a lightly sweeter Maman at low temps. The cask treatment is insane throughout and provides creek brûlée shell and you feel the wheatwine aspects with a fistful of werthers shadow boxing until the high 50s in temp. Then it comes out BJJ grappling with waves of praline and Charleston chew. If you already know about how god damn amazing and undersung the BA Heart of Gold is, then this is like a tootsie roll variant in the best way.

I can scarcely justify beers this massive calorically or temporally on a weeknight but I drank the entire bottle, self loathing attendant throughout. It’s like when you make a DiGiornos and act like you aren’t gonna smoke that entire pizza by yourself. That brand of shame. I also was remiss since I did this back to back the same night I made the Café chocotacoolship so suffice it to say I’m not qualifying for the Boston marathon, thicccboi season is in full force and I don’t need to hit Burlington because these bottles are coat factories, nomsayin. I haven’t had this years Maman yet or the dizzying internally churned prices saddled to the TWCP Maman but I can only imagine that’s the ole classic Cardinal Trik. This is fantastic and while trading in the $180 realm, it swims well above its age segment. If you have a comparable bottle kicking around I highly recommend firing up the FedEx account for this and drinking it alone while watching reruns of big Bad Beetleborgs. Don’t judge this life of deplorable brownie batter iniquity. #stout #bourbon #stl #perennial #beer #beertography

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