Revolution is like the Plymouth Prowler of imperial strong ales, some people will love this bizarre offering

Lets get this out of the way: this is in no way Lifelike. And that’s fine. What we have here is some insane procedurally generated berry monster like a No Mans Sky planet dripping in tannins. It’s not sour, it’s not cask driven, it’s not sweet, it’s not flabby. The dating profile would be somewhere between “Nutella mead” and “peanut butter Syrah.” It’s so god damn dialed in and when I saw that 14.5% I tightened my O ring for a bucking blackberry bronco. I predict that the fruit addition kickstarted this ba anny blend and made it pacman chomp all the residual sugars leaving this fucking weird pastry, mead, Grenache chimera. If you wanted a much more attenuated Kuhnhenn raspberry eisbock, here it is. It’s so fruit forward but also there’s rolos smashed in the Beaujolais. Is that, I mean if you need this, then switch your code. This is like turning clipping off and reaching parts of the brewhouse that weren’t in the final build of the game. It’s cheating in an odd way. NBA Jam Hilary Clinton unlocks.

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