Mason Ale works ba Baracus is a fantastic, distributed, fairly priced ba barleywine in a god damn can

That is a combo you simply do not hear that often.

I had never had any beers from @masonaleworks so imagine my surprise when I tried this decadent, complex ba barleywine, in a god damn can no less. It screams recreational negligence, you aren’t getting your deposit back for that flipped Quad. It employs in equal measure a caramel praline sweetness a ribbon of oaky temperament, and closes with a Darjeeling tea and rolo combo that comes closest to Mother of All Storms. That’s great company to be in. I popped this after wrapping an episode of @maltcoutureddb and everyone was wondering where this silent gem arose from. It’s rare when a first interaction can give me pause and make me retread what an entire brewery has been up to. @masonaleworks had my curiosity, now it has my liver’s attention.

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