Angry Chair Barrel Aged Rocky Road, more like angry camping chair

Everyone knew that @angrychairbrewing BAIGCCS was the bottle to ruin a residential neighborhood for, but no one suspected ba rocky road would swing this hard. I am torn because they are both equally good but I feel like most people love the chunkster more. The best position a brewery can ever be in is being reduced to fighting against your own catalog, some Hill Farmstead paradox. This is heftier with a more pronounced barrel character that was perhaps lacking in the cake, but it also isn’t as focused on the ice cream task at hand. Dudes these days don’t want Beer they want a 5th grade sleepover. Pizza ipas, soda Berliners, cake everything and ice cream float stouts. Craft beer currently is a god damn ice skating rink. This Beer however is crushingly good. Each sip confirms the sweetness and Stavey interplay, reminding me more of a snickers bar with that nutty lipid from the walnuts and a caramel sweetness from the barrel. I drank this at a Rams game from a solo cup and didn’t even drop the bottle on the ground. So I’m progressing is what I’m saying. The recognition of quality is a confrontation of how shitty next year’s Tampa Beer Week will be. The Black Friday tier Beer connoisseurs won’t even rent air bnbs, just hit that REI and you are all set. “Angry Chair: Good Enough to Warrant Urban Camping” #stout #beerreview #tampa #beer #bourbon #getoutside #namaste

As a corollary, afterwards I stood in the sun for 45 minutes to eat trash hotdogs like a garbage monster at DIRT DOG.

Living my best life.

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