In case you missed it: Batch 9 of Malt Couture is live! FRICKIN KUHNHENN EISBOCK HORIZONTALS

Batch 9 of Malt Couture is now live! I treat Michael Gabriel to a horizontal life gauntlet in the form of the entire 2016 ba eisbock set from Kuhnhenn, goats are herded, we crush some Suarez, Stephen does the entire TGI Friday’s endless apps tasting, and we find out the Bret Kuhnhenn and Eric Kuhnhenn previously worked at AVIS rental car [fn1]

This is legit the best episode to date. You can Venmo me for the dry cleaning bill for the inevitable piss sprayed in your Zubazes.

BATCH 10 is a mailbag episode and it goes live TOMORROW AT NOON U BOTTOM FERMENTERS

[fn1 – this is entirely inaccurate]

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