Kulshan brewing and Wiley Roots back2back barley bangers

Damnnnn. Oh man @kulshanbrewery putting out some bag cereal Arctic Devil and I ain’t even mad. Marshmallow Mateys been down since no scrubs and no pigeons. It’s tightly wound and has an almost old ale execution akin to that pure cask driven Adam from the Wood experience that some people can’t handle because everything gotta be creme brûlée shell for those confucktioners. Really enjoyable and another example of silent pnw Life that they sip behind the velvet rope, dripping in rain and artisan roasters, hoping no one finds their lil John Galt village of sticky bangers. Objectivism off the charts on this one even Howard Roark tappin his wingtips.

While we are discussing Life, this @wileyrootsbrewing one toes dangerously close to straight up gourdjuice. The balancing act in pumpkin 🎃 barley🥖wine🍷is having it like a pickle spear next to a decadent Reuben. You don’t want a whole plate of pickles. @voodoobrewery caution did this impeccably and @almanacbeer followed suit. The issue with this is that it’s jackolantern first and caramel second. If you legit love TOKEN or the classic pumpkin strong ales then sure all day, but I want more life, that insane @elkvalleybrew type of golf cart fatality water. This beer is fine but with so many impeccable pumpkin barleywines it doesn’t stand on the podium, but that’s a testament to how hard others are grinding on those pieloton bikes. Glutes on throb. 🥧

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