3 Sons Brewing Company Big Sxxxy Barleywine is a malty beast

On paper this seems wholly antithetical to @3sonsbrewingco the deacons of the pastry theology. There’s no frills no adjuncts no odd confections or complex casking: it’s just straight up Life. Further, it doesn’t rely on an overwhelming abv or excess in any way, it’s the most pure and stripped down iteration of their canon that I could have asked for, the bb4d of the Floridian pox on casked ales. By presenting less, they achieve so much more. This beer is so intense and warrants slow contemplation as it breaks in waves over the sweet to bitter zones with sugar babies and burnt bananas fosters transitioning to eagle rare 17 in the swallow. If you took toffee wax shatter pieces and loaded it up into a candy shell gravity bong, then here we are. It’s almost too much at lower temps because it’s so much raisinettes and plum, brown sugar brioche, the swallow lends itself to pralines and a ribbon of Ben and Jerrys sea salt caramel. I almost want more heat and more dryness to offset a touch of the saccharine but the limited slip differential kicks in as it warms and it aligns closer to the likes of BB4d in that medium body with bold stave profile. A knock against it is the heft as it almost has too intense sheeting and coating and I feel like a drop of a few platos could have sanded the abv meets residual body issues. DDB U HAVE RESIDUAL BODY ISSUES. Sure, if you filled in my stretch marks I could audition for live action thundercats this isn’t about me. So this beer is complex but the poise isn’t light on the back of its heels it is all thrust and easier to parry because of the huge swipes it takes. So if straight jacket is a technical Mayweather balanced jabber, this is like a Riddick Bowe from times past that is charming in a way that this has never existed. Since these will likely be as rare as PhD candidates in a Medea movie, I’m sure everyone will rave about their 2oz pour. It’s depth but not longevity, and all the low hanging penile euphemisms. Ultimately, I gotta get mine in a big black truck, I wholly respect if you can get yours in a six four.

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