Funk Factory Apricot Meerts reconciled complexity with elegant simplicity

I feel like the @funkfactorygeuzeria Meerts lineup has done a fantastic job of flying under the radar with regards to sheer quality and crushability while providing an attendant depth that most American wilds don’t approach. This is a tiny stage to dance upon and like the Belgian Fred Astaire this beer Ginger Rogers the steps backwards in lightly acidic heels. This is a weird style that is almost table Beer meets young lambic, but the net result is this fantastic canvas for focused clean faintly brackish expressionism. The kombucha variant was insane and refreshing to the point of blurring beverage lines. The apricot treads a dainty line and lays off the throttle of the Fou Foune acidity, while still providing some gristy Belgian singlesque structure. It feels akin to fruited @brasseriedupont Avril at times, and when it opens up the fruit and musk remind me a ton of the elegant brett profiles captured in the Chad Yakobsen @crookedstave canon. It’s anomalous to find beers that are complex enough to sustain interest of jaded stretch marked “experts” and pilates cayenne cleanse palates alike. This is one such beer.

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