Cigar City Opal, still dipping in a toffee coated donk slab

Man part of me regrets leaving Catador every time someone busts out one of those @cigarcitybrewing barleybangers. Then I remember how many licorice porters and barrel aged pumpkin ales I had to trudge through. This though, the hoppy, bitter meets split lumber and brown sugar profile is always on point and falls just below Leon in competing with that Wambles catalogue of other awesome and overlooked gems. We live in the best timeline where lines for incredible barleywine remain small and flavor approximating dessert stouts are still the rage with blunt palate dipshits who stumbled wallet first into this hobby straight out of undergrad a couple years ago. I can only hope that barleywine remains a foxhole financially unaffected by the battle between batterbois and salad dressing connoisseurs. I just want to drink endgame Life and make dank shit.

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