Red Brick Airbrush Daydream is some bizarre Myrtle Beach hazy waterpark IPA

When I was a kid we had this game in billiards called “Crazy Balls.” It consistent of standing on two sides of a pool table and throwing balls down airhockey style, resulting in many smashed fingers from colliding hard spheres on their way back down. The point is, we could have just been getting better at pool, but that endeavor was oddly painful and satisfying. Now enter this shit, Airbrush Daydream. It’s like your de jure hazy, milky, light bodied IPA with almost zero resinous swallow except: it’s sour. For some reason. Crazy Balls. It’s interesting and pretty good, but part of me wonders why they just didn’t work on their nine ball because the base seems pretty legit. The body is dialed in, the retention is solid, the hopwork underpinning this is gentle and reminds me of the soft hand that Creature Comforts employs in their non_paradiso.exe framework. I get that this is a Kenny Powers type of joke about what I can only presume to be weapons grade doucheculture in Myrtle Beach but, this shit didn’t need to be modified billiards. The sour mixed with the lovely tangelo profile gives it this odd acidity meets brackishness like a water park, or chlorine. Maybe it’s a subtle nod to Seadoo farers, slathered in lobster skinned tourism excesses. In that case, nailed it. The end result is like when you get a Rush song that can stand alone and then, oh wait, here we go a six minute interlude, is that a theramine?

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