Cigar City David Humphreys Bangs that oaky drum like Nick Cannon on the snare

Breaking in the toaster2.0 with barleywine. The more convections change the more they stay the same. @cigarcitybrewing is and has been a fucking world class purveyor of strong ales and barleywines. Look at any apeshit BBBW tasting and you’ll see any innumerable examples: Leon, church on a hill, Roosevelt, the list goes on and on. American, English, Madeira, bourbon, port: they tear this shit up. It’s such a fitting end for most dipshits to stop their exploration with ingredient pounded huna riffs. They don’t deserve the Loren Ipsums and Error Establishings. This beer like most of their best beers doesn’t leverage any baking class nonsense and just saturated your BALs and juices that stave. It’s a tighter less bitter more almondy Perfect Storm sort of affair that takes the often sweet aspects and tempers them with this golden Aristotelian mean of deep oak and walnut meets bananas fosters. It’s great but that’s not fucking news. The dryness and completely tailored experience that demonstrates with glaring acuity that barleywine isn’t subject to the same “LOLOLOL beetus” ejaculations that dudes two years deep into craft beer like to lead with and make themselves look like myopic rones. This is a super enjoyable beer that I’m confident people will continue to overlook, and I’m extremely content with that.

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