Angry Chair is srs bzness

Some say beer is about taste, sure but what about having the managerial skills to meet payroll and coordinate a mule staff of local Tampa drifters to make your pastry dreams a reality?

You think beer is some game when you gotta make sure those vagrants clock out for their 10s and read the muleployee handbook in case they get hit with an impromptu adjunct quiz? What about brushing up on Florida municipal traffic laws to find out how to adequately block school buses and thoroughfares.

You think you can just open a beer without issuing proper 1099s and making sure they make the proper declarations and do drops at the end of the day and don’t even get me started about per diem meal allocations for independent line staff waiters living below the poverty line. Then you get hit with child care requests and other incidentals you can’t even fathom in these pastry pursuits.

Beer is srs independent small bznss

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