Voodoo Four Roses Black Magick is god damn tasty and in line with their prior world class pedigree

Every year I am fucking stoked for the Black Magick deviants and I got a fuck mountain of hatemail for my displeasure with the Rye, I can handle an intercourse hill’s worth but a fuck mountain is excessive. Thankfully this four roses bangs as hard as the Buffalo Trace one but still well short of one of my top five stouts of all time: the PVWBM. This has lackluster carb and minimal lacing, and fairly tepid mouthfeel in terms of cling and sheeting. So the ready inquiry is: if you neg it on a structural basis, then how is it still a good beer? The nose and taste themselves just put the fucking snickers to the pavement. It’s like a Dodge Hellcat is an inelegant corny fucking AARP white dude mobile, but it also just puts up crazy numbers. The nose is pure nougat and Payday, caramel cubes and chocolate fondue. The barrel is endemic of this barrel program which remains easily top five in the brewing world. The taste follows in stride and drills the roast without overplaying the pocket aces sweetness. It’s just such a complete package with zero mouthfeel or aesthetic amenities. That stupid fucking m4 with the gold roll caging, it’s so ugly but Jesus, so much chocolate undercarriage flex. I almost never advocate this but damn I wish this ba stout came in a larger format. If you have ever had an amazing date and you can’t process the affection because it’s vibrant and alive but served incrementally because it in itself makes you want more. You will even sit through the Good Shepherd because this odd latent tingling barrel aged boner that’s Connection and nervousness and the prolonged focus and epidermal heat from any malts contact because every passing frame is an intimate battle of the Marne defining where you heart’s trench lies and the progress is hard fought and intense. This beer is good.

Also the tick the brews shirt is on sale again:


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