Horus Oceanside’s 11 is tastefully blended, so pastryboiz are gonna complain

Horus is a maven of collabs and as a result of this far and wide Mendellian cross pollination, the genotypes have been varied.  This punnet square is entirely within his own juice breeding. A blend of 11 different strong ales can produced varied results, but sometimes those SD docking juices make wonderful stout/Life hybrids like Analsmith’s reforged, St Archer Tusk and Grain Series or the classic Melange 3 which is currently turding it up in East LA Liquor stores priced at like $36.00. They can be well done is what I am saying. This beer came with a card explaining all the components but I am barely functionally literate and if someone didnt read the footnotes on Infinite Jest they aren’t reading that shit.  Plus the component breakdowns, akin to the scroll Firestone anny’s tuck in, never really are telling.  Look to that recent Merkin disappointment for reference. This beer however bucks the traditionally massive Horus body and has a more evenhanded approach that feels Central Waters-y in execution,  clean lines, those Beachwood Shrago 911 residual cling on the gumline.  It feels more european than overstated. The nose has a bouquet of Almond Roca, pralines, and Ferrero Rocher.  It is pleasant and not overburdening, albeit the barrel profile almost feels too integrated and not vibrant enough to cut the attendant sweetness.  The taste grabs the wheel and veers the brownie PT Cruiser directly into oncoming stout traffic. All signs of life are relatively dominated by bakers chocolate and soft oaty roast. I anticipate dumbfucks trying to correlate the abv with the dialed in body and then getting Funyuns dust all over their Gateway 2000 keyboards complaining it is thin. My complaint is that it aligns so closely to stout realm but never goes full batter penetration.  It is a barleytease and also doesnt double down on stouty excess.  As a result it is a well made, albeit tastefully done beer that never dominates either recessive or dominant ALE-leles.  Drink it by yourself and do not share this one.

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