Nightshift, Noble and Revolution oh my.

When it rains it pours, my doorstep feeling like those mops in fantasia but wetting me down perpetually:

@noblealeworks promised me a birthday cake beer and then rickrolled the shit out of me IRL, that’s some certified @vito_at_noble chicanery right there.

If you couldn’t tell by the subtle references to Rob Liefeld and allusions to shit like Moon Knight and Cerberus, I was a huge comic book nerd growing up. I love to see @revbrewchicago pushing this idea back into the mainstream since now we have normies going to comicon and it’s somehow acceptable to talk about Thanos and infinity stones without declaring your celibacy in perpetuity.

When I heard the @nightshiftbeer was ramping up their barleygame, my desire was instantly floormalted. We shall see if their barrel game and can game is substantial Life, or some uncanny valley thereof

And finally this completely apeshit donation box:

Joseph Bruno is a god amongst mere tickers

One thought on “Nightshift, Noble and Revolution oh my.

  1. DDB,

    I’m just letting you know, your lack of an Oxford comma in your most recent post makes me think less of you as a human being.  That is all.



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