Charleston Fermentory and Aslin just made a Flocc’ing masterpiece that will define the southern Hop game

Here’s a glimpse into my life as ddb: the most hotly contested segment in the beer world is the one with the hugest market segment and profit margins and everyone wants to load my camelbak tits down with tired ass IPAs. Then I have this inverted Faustian dilemma where I tell someone I have never heard of straight up no, or accept and roast them. But sometimes. Sometimes. Something comes my way that actually warrants comment. This is one such beer from @chsfermentory and @aslinbeerco that not only swings on the Deebos like @monkishbrewing and @treehousebrewco but defines the entire southern haze segment. It is glorious and pushes forward a demo so flabby that even oldfuck johnny come lately massive macros like Sierra and Boston have crows feet Buick flocc in Grocery stores. This is exceptional. Impeccably masked Fusel, watery low middle carb body but with a Blaugiesesque sustain and collaring, more webbing than an Eddie Brock brazzers reel, an explosive petruli oil and zested tangerine rind nose that is expansive and slick.the mouthfeel is POG juice with vape juice and grapefruit pith, light shallot and chard on the swallow: as balanced as an epee. I usually don’t finish a can, and I almost never want more. This simply was not enough and I would gladly seek this out instead of breaking my dick in half in a 13 hour cringeline like those Diamond Supply co fucks literally standing in line as we speak for an @otherhalfnyc collab. This is post game loot you must try.

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