Charlestowne Fermentory Sungazer is showing beams of light at the haze to come

Wow, this was completely unexpected and fantastic. Usually when I take a flyer on a brewery I haven’t heard of, tighten my obliques and prepare to take some swipes to the core. This has none of the cage rattling and instead feels like a bag cereal monkish affair with no intens eheft or creaminess, just a light frothy tangerine and aserose swallow. It’s a touch watery but in a refreshing way because the carb froths and sustains like food court O bang. As a result of the comparatively watery structure it feels intentionally refreshing and not some fortuitous stumbling into overattenuative underpinnings. You want to drink more than a single can, which is a quality most breweries overlook. The olfactory aspect leaves much to be desired and where it flawlessly excels in nuance on the flavor it misses the mark despite what seems like exclusive no boil all dry hopping character. It smells a bit like orange pop rocks, and finishes a bit sweet like AARP hard candies. But like the redesigned Mazda mx5 this is nimble and tight that doesn’t give more than you can handle but a tight economical package. This brewery seems like a formidable covalent aspect to @creaturecomfortsbeer that can pull the south into the modern haze era. @chsfermentory is up to something.

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