Cherry Street Brewing bourbon coconut Porter shows a dazzling capacity for things to come

God damn, this sleeper brewery continues to impress with its barrel program. The coconut errs on the side of an oily macaroon instead of yankee candle Hawaiian tropic shit. The entire beer shows restraint and excess in areas what each respectively matter. If we jumped back in time three years this is like when @creaturecomfortsbeer was showing its nascent hand at quality to come. Their saturation profile is sooooo intense relative to the body and structure of the beers and I love this degree of inverted North Carolinian execution. Georgia is the Poland of sorts dividing the battle zone of hefty sugar driven Florida bodies and wafer thin soft flexing of some Carolinian brethren. @brewingcoop is doing excellent things and this is a nod to what may come. I cannot wait until we get a proper barrel aged barleywine from these upstarts.

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