Pls do not tell anyone about Sante Adairius Swarmbox. Gooby pls

Is my glass filthy? Absolutely. Let’s just move on past that fact without ceremony or further comment. I made the excellent decision to pop this at 2am while watching that heartwarming romcom, ROOM, so strap in. You guys are sick of hearing praise for these god damn cellar beers and I’m sick of praising @rusticales it is lose/lose for everyone. I will say a few things about this frustrating phenomenal beer: this is Shasta Ann. That’s not to say it is EXACTLY like the inimitable @hillfarmstead crown jewel, but it’s the closest thing I have ever tasted. In the way that it has that exceedingly delicate honeycomb linen mouthfeel, that faintly sweet and lemon verbena taste that mixes classic Blaugies with a tinyyyy smackerel of acidity like a jazz apple. If you don’t have a midwest mortgage payment kicking around to try Ann, this is the bag cereal equivalent, marshmallow mateys AF. Don’t share this. I dare you to have a single filthy glass of this and nod in cool repose like you don’t want an entire magnum to sate that thirst. I thank god that I have never seen a single ISO for this, time to poach and exploit my fellow Sara cellar members for more bottles of this furtive masterpiece.

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